Wagtails Dog Rescue, Essex

Wagtails Rescue is a very small, non-profit dog rescue based in Essex, dedicated to rehoming any dog given up by people unable or unwilling to care for them any longer.

We do not have our own kennels but use local kennels or foster homes until a suitable home can be found. Since we are based in Essex we try to rehome dogs from and to this area or nearby counties but will if necessary rehome further afield. We rely entirely on donations and money received from adoption fees. These funds are used for boarding, veterinary bills and the general care of the dogs.

We never destroy a healthy dog as we believe that even a dog suffering from a physical disability or a behavioural problem deserves a chance of a happy carefree new start in a warm loving home!

How you can help us

Adopt a dog

We have many lovely dogs waiting patiently for their forever home. We carry out a full home-check & charge an adoption fee before a dog leaves us.

Foster a dog

If you are an Essex based experienced dog owner & feel you could help by giving one of our dogs a temporary home, we would love to hear from you!


We are always looking for ways to help raise funds to feed and care for our dogs. Any fundraising help you can offer would be appreciated!

Follow us

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